Monday, May 19, 2008

Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow

Surrealistic Pillow

Surrealistic Pillow is from 1967 and is psychedelic rock and folk rock. It is my favorite Jefferson Airplane album. The 2003 edition has some extra songs and mono versions. My favorites are "She Has Funny Cars", "Somebody to Love", "Today", "D.C.B.A. -25", "Embryonic Journey", "White Rabbit", "Plastic Fantastic Lover", "Go to Her", and "Come Back Baby".

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Dr. Jay SW said...

This is the one where they really started letting their psychedelic side show (when they weren't allowed to use the title "LSD-25" they substituted the song's chord sequence "DCBA"), while maintaining a pop sensibility. I'm surprised to see "Go To Her" and "Come Back Baby" in your list of favorites, though--were they added on a re-issue?